Instituto Nacional de Saúde Dr. Ricardo Jorge
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To contribute, as a laboratory and as differentiated assistance, for gains in public health, through research and technological development, epidemiology and health services, ensure external laboratorial quality assessment, diffusion of science, stimulation of the capacitation and education and also providing services in the above-mentioned areas of expertise, including prevention of genetic disorders.

The responsibilities of INSA include:

  • Pursuing governmental scientific and technological policies for the health sector, namely producing evidence for decision making;
  • Promoting, organizing and coordinating research and development activities (R&D) in health sciences;
  • Promoting, organizing and ensuring external quality assessment in laboratory activities;
    To provide differentiated analytical services in prenatal diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of patients in clinical services;
  • To collaborate with the General Directorate of Health in performing epidemiological surveillance of transmittable and not transmittable diseases;
  • To study and update the indicators and health determinants characterizing the state of health of the Portuguese population;
  • Contributing to enable researchers and technicians to perform work in the health sector, by offering traineeships, courses and other actions of professional or postgraduate training;
  • To provide paid services to public and private entities in its areas of expertise.